Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aromaleigh Les Papillons collection!

Aromaleigh Les Papillons collection is now ready and it is so pretty! I ordered samples of all except the pinks/reds and I forgot Earthly Delights (but it doesn't matter, I do not like neutrals much :D). Swatches coming soon!

Morphing moon and Glowing luna are my favorites now, but I also ordered samples of Dormant dream, Ephemeal violet, Air&light, Flutura's cloud, Fragile charms, zephyr's breeze, spread your wings, golden chrysalis, Thalia's return, soul takes flight, emergent beauty, butterfly kisses, Virgil of change & winged psyche.

Aromaleighin Les Papillons-kokoelma on nyt tilattavissa, on kyllä ihanan epäsyksyinen kokoelma! Tilasin samplet muista kuin pinkeistä/punaisesta ja unohdn korista Eartly delightsin... Mutta eipä sillä niin väliä, en ole suuremmin neutraalien sävyjen perään :D Swatchit tulossa heti kun saapuvat!

Flying Flower: A joyful cool frosted pink with soft violet highlight and sparkles of copper. Silvery metallic heart.

Morphing Moon: My favorite teal shade to date. Smooth and faceted with rich dimension and shimmer, like the scales of a butterfly's wings.

Earthly Delights: Silvery taupes morph with earthen greys, reflecting soft sparkles of blue, coral and gold. Metallic.*

Glowing Luna: A pigmented warm green yellow... or yellowish warm green? You choose. Sparks of copper and pink add an ethereal dimension. *

Dormant Dream: A dramatic and vivid fuschia purple with a metallic heart and pearl frost finish. (A customer requested a "Gucci" purple, and this is the result!)

Ephemeral Violet: A cool frosted metallic purple with strong finish and sparks of copper flash.

Air & Light: A silvery white with highlights and sparks of every shade of the rainbow. Full of delightful dimension and interference shimmer, this shade passes into the ether. *

Flutura's Cloud: A brilliant blue of exceptional vibrancy and depth. Metallic heart with intense blue frost and sparks of blue, red and gold. This shade was inspired by the amazing color of the Blue Morpho Butterfly.

Fragile Charms: a muted mauved purple with fuschia and burgundy undertones. Slight blue highlight, silvery metallic smoothness and brilliant diamond glints.

Zephyr's Breeze: A brilliant warm green, rich with pearls and silver, and sparkles of yellow radiating pink flashes of light. * This contains no FD&C dyes, but does contain chromium oxide green.

Spread your Wings: The gentle earthy orange of the Monarch Butterfly, but rich with metallic splendor, vivid color and sparks of pure silver.

Golden Chrysalis: A truly unique muted organic gold with amazing dimensional spirit. Shimmer of golden red lustrous metallic honeyed gold and sparks of violet interplay. *

Thalia's Return: A deep and vivid warm chestnut metallic brown with sparkles of wine, coral and gold. *

Soul Takes Flight: A deep smokey grey/black frosted base with wine undertones, brilliantly offset with sparks of aqua, pink and violet (if you loved "Elegie", you'll be craving this!). *

Emergent Beauty: The deepest pearlescent mauved burgundy with smoke tones, deep metallic red and sparkles of russet and aqua. *

Butterfly Kisses: Sweetest cool silvery frosted pink with lavender tones, golden highlights and brilliant sparks of aqua.*

Flutter-by: A vivid pink/coral/red with metallic texture and sparkles of delicate earthy green.

Vigil of Change: Intense deep cool purple with smokey metallic undertones and golden highlights with pink sparkles.

Winged Psyche: A green rich with dimension and lustrous metallic finish. Tinges of blue and shimmering flashes of pale blue make this anything but ordinary. Inspired by the rarest green butterflies.

Crimson Mimicry: Rich frosted metallic smooth true red with sparks of coral, red and gold shining in the sunlight.


  1. You beat me to ordering the samples? OMG,Rii! LOL! I am so excited,'cause I just ordered mine too,about an hour ago! They are all just too gorgeous!

  2. My cart was ready, just waiting for these beauties :D

    I didn't order flying flower, flutter-by & crimson mimicry, I have so many pinks/reds already that I don't use... And I forgot eartly delights :D Well, I'll first see descriptions of those and maybe order then.

    I have "permission" to order 4 full sizes of this collection ;)

  3. Kääk, mä ostin samplet kaikista. Tilasin paljon sampleja, yli 40 USD. Postareita tuli 5 usd + vakuutus 2,4 eli hinnat hieman muuttuneet. Otin Fionan kaupanpäällissamplena, kun ei sitä tosiaan saakaan kokonaisena ilmaiseksi :P. Sain kuitenkin 5 usd ekan tilaajan alea ja perhoset samaan tilaukseen, vaikka tuli missattua virgo20. :)-SH-


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