Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aromaleigh Les Papillons FOTD 1

Oh, I absolutely LOVE this new collection from Aromaleigh! I need a full size of Glowing Luna, it is just perfect ;)

Note: Les Papillons is on -25% sale this week. .

Oi, rakastan Aromaleighin uutta kokoelmaa! Glowing Luna tulee hankittua täysikokoisena, se on ihan täydellinen ;)

Huom: Les Papillons kokoelma on tämän viikon -25% alessa.

-Mschic by Seppälä primer
-AL Glowing Luna (lid, tearduct area)
-AL Zephyr's breeze (crease)
-AL Flutura's cloud (lower lashline)
-AL Ice (browbone)
-Gel liner from Coastal scents, Envy
-Isadora Build up extra volume wp mascara, blue

Glowing Luna: A pigmented warm green yellow... or yellowish warm green? You choose. Sparks of copper and pink add an ethereal dimension.
Zephyr's Breeze:
A brilliant warm green, rich with pearls and silver, and sparkles of yellow radiating pink flashes of light.
Flutura's Cloud:
A brilliant blue of exceptional vibrancy and depth. Metallic heart with intense blue frost and sparks of blue, red and gold. This shade was inspired by the amazing color of the Blue Morpho Butterfly.


  1. I love your liner. So pretty....Lashes look great too...

  2. Amazing! The collection just went on sale, so I'm snatching up the samples. Glowing Luna is gorgeous on you - such a FiF color!!

  3. Pretty! I really like how Zephyr's Breeze looks.:)


  4. Thanks girls! I really love Glowing Luna and Zephyr's breeze <3 I'm very surprised how much I like Flutura's cloud :)

  5. Harkitsen välillä sun postausten lukematta jättämistä koska tulen aina niin kateelliseksi noista silmäluomista.............. *huokaus*

  6. Inkivääri: No kiitos paljon :D Sinulla on niin upeat silmät!


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