Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OPI Russian Navy suede & Butterfly eyes

OPI Russian Navy is one of my favorite nail polishes so I just had to get this in suede finish too. This is so pretty! I think all these suedes look best with top coat (pic 2).

OPI Russian Navy on yksi suosikkilakkojani, joten olihan tämä saatava suede-versionakin. Ja onhan tämä niin nätti! Tälläkin kertaa parhaimmillaan päälyslakan kanssa (kuva 2).


I also received my Allure by Jen (@Etsy) order, I'll swatch these after Hong Kong! I bought some samples and a full size of lippie called "Dusty Rose". Oh dear, Dusty Rose REALLY has a blue flash. I have to be very careful when using this ;) I tried to photograph this but in the picture it was just a rosy color.

Have you tried Allure by Jen products yet? Which are you favorites?

Sain myös Allure by Jen (@Etsy) sampletilaukseni, swatchaan nämä toki reissun jälkeen. Tilasin hieman sampleja sekä täysikokoisen huulipunan sävyssä Dusty Rose. Ja voihan rähmä, tämä on aivan sininen :D Tai siis hohtaa sinisenä mutta joka tapauksessa vähän/varovasti saan laittaa jos en ihan halloween-tunnelmointiin jo ryhdy ;) Yritin kuvata sinisen flashin mutta niissä näytti vain roosalta...


And finally my Aromaleigh Butterfly-eyes. If you have similar coloring, Glowing Luna & Morphing moon are a must haves! I got so many compliments today :)

Which pigments are you Les Papillons favorites?

Ja lopuksi Aromaleigh Les papillons-meikki. Jos olet väritykseltäsi kuin minä, suosittelen Glowing Luna & Morphing moon sävyjä!

-Mschic primer
-AL Glowing Luna, Les Papillons (lid)
-AL Morphing moon, Les Papillons (crease, lower lashline)
-Black gel line, MAC Blacktrack
-Telescopic wp mascara (& on lower lashes Lumene Excellenght)


  1. My absolute fave from Les Papillons is Soul Takes Flight,because it has a purpley hue to it. I like Flying Flower alot also, and Flutter-by!

  2. And mine Glowing Luna, it's just a perfect shade for me! I think I'll order full size of Soul takes flight too (because I want that "free Rocks" ;)

    Which Rocks! shadows are your favorites? I think this time I'll take moonagadaydream.

  3. OOh Russian Navy looks gorgeous on you! It looks so "goth" on me!

    I'm excited you tried Allure by Jen. I can't stress enough how much I LOVE every single thing from her! I have Dusty Rose and I love it...I think the blue flash is awesome (my husband actually commented on how much he liked it! Weird!) but I can see your side of it too. I put a clear Aromaleigh lip balm over it and that calmed the flash down a bit.

    I can't wait to get my samples...Since Miss K is on vaca, I think the shipping is not quite as fast as normal. Usually it only takes 2 or 3 days, but its nearing a week tomorrow :D Hopefully then!

  4. I think I already LOVE my "blue" lippie, it's so cool! I also really like the foundation and blushes. I tried Flush this evening and it was very nice!

  5. Russian Navy is stunning! I want to get my hands on this. I think I will have to paint my nails dark blue tomorrow.


  6. Eliza: Russian Navy suede is a must have for those who love blue :D

  7. Voi että on ihana kynsilakka!Mulle kans :D Tuohon vielä konadilla tähtiä ni on tähtitaivas ihasteltavana koko ajan ;)

  8. Allure by Jen is a former Aromaleigh customer (Jenna aka Moonsugar) who went out on her own and started a mineral makeup line called Stardust Cosmetics. If you go to her blog, you might recognize her from AL's gallery.

    I haven't tried any of her products yet, but she's having a 20% sale right now. Coupon code: STOREWIDE_SALE

  9. I just realized I made a mistake. The Jen from "Allure by Jen" isn't the same one. I don't know how I got confused. Must be that I'm still sick and my head's a bit foggy.

  10. Thanks Robyn! Now I have to get some Stardust cosmetics too ;D


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