Tuesday, September 29, 2009

News from The She Space

I'm so glad Heather, owner of About face cosmetics/ The She Space, decided to concentrate on pigments (and other product manufactured in her company) only. I really liked the the other products too but this is what Heather does so well! But if possible, I'd love to see primer and sealant to do a comeback :D

Also the Libra Astrology collection is now up, I got the full sample set this time because all of those saphire inspired piggies looked so nice... And don't worry if you warmer toned, there are ones for you too!

A few colors look especially nice:

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: Silver pewter shimmer with a hint of cotton blue

SOCIAL PLEASURE: softest iridescent cloud blue pearl with layers of copper and gold sparkle

And the best part.... If you order 25 USD or more (before shipping) before saturday 3rd, you'll get TWO free BEEN CAUGHT KISSING LIPPIES IN PREVIEW COLORS! Can I resist an offer like this? I love TSS lippies, so of course not ;)

No niin, ehdin vihdoin koneelle ;) The She Space lopetti kaikkien ylimääräisten härpäkkeiden myynnin (geelirajaukset, siveltimet) ja sivuilta löytyy enää itse valmistamansa tuotteet. Mielestäni oikein tervetullut juttu, tuolla kun alkoi tavaramäärä paisua kuin pullataikina.

Nyt uutena löytyy uusi horoskooppikokoelma Libra, tilasin samplesetin (valinta oli liian vaikea :D) eli swatchit tulossa myöhemmin.

Ja mikä parasta, huulipunat tekevät comebackin! JEE :D Ja mikä vielä parempaa, jos tilaa la 3.10. mennessä yli 25 USD:llä (ennen postikuluja), kaupan päälle tulee KAKSI ILMAISTA uutta lip balm sävyä! Voinko vastustaa tällaista tarjousta? No en tietenkään ja tilaus tuli tehtyä välittömästi uutisen kuultuani. *heh* Onneksi korissa oli jo tavaraa valmiina.


  1. I think it was a great idea too. Honestly, thats the stuff that people go to her for! She's a freaking pigment genius!

    I'm getting the full Libra sample set too...I don't have that many blues and these are ultra lovely!

    And...this is hard to admit...but I've never tried her lippies before! This is the perfect chance :D

    Btw, have you tried Orglamix Sesame? I wore it today and I was thinking "Well Nea would look amazing in this!"

  2. Hi Nea! I wouldn't have known about the release of these colors if I hadn't checked your blog today,LOL! I wasn't holding my breath,since Heather said she needed to tweak the collection a bit. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw all those beautiful blue shadows.Wow! I think "Too Cool for School" is such a cute name and so appropriate for Libras.My brother was a Libra,and that pigment title should have been his middle name! Anyway, can't wait to see you do some looks with these!

  3. LisaKate: I don't have Sesame but it sure looks nice!

    Star: Libra collection is perfect for you!


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