Friday, September 18, 2009

Vampy NOTD's

I don't usually wear reddish nailpolishes, I just do not like red that much, but these two are vampy enough to wear sometimes ;)

En suuremmin punertavia lakkoja käytä, ne eivät vain ole minun juttuni. Nämä kaksi ovat kuitenkin tarpeeksi tummia, joten välillä voi kokeilla ;)

Pic 1: Bourjois "9" (I don't like nail polishes without proper name!)
Kuva 1: Bourjois "9" (miksei tällä voi olla kunnon nimeä!)

Pic 2: my first attempt to decorate my nails :D Thank you BeutyBabe! Here with ManGlaze Death tar.
Kuva 2: ensimmäinen yritys koristella kynsiäni :D Kiitos BeautyBabe! Tässä vinolakkayritelmä ManGlazen Death tarin kera.

pic 3: OPI Midnight in Moscow. Sorry this looks terrible, I forgot to take the pictures before. I'm just about to change the nail polish.
Kuva 3: OPI Midnight in Moscow. Kamalalta näyttää, unohdin nimittäin kuvata tämä aiemmin... Huomenna luvassa syksyistä vihreää ;)


  1. They're all pretty, but I especially like the middle one.:)


  2. They are very pretty. I love the middle one too. Nice job decorating. I agree, the the color should have a name. :)

  3. I LOVE the Bourjois "9". I like colors that look like they have bright sparks within a dark base. Too bad you have me lemming for this color! I just did a big nailpolish haul. Do you have any other polishes like this one but from a different brand, like Orly, Opi, Essie, China Glaze, or Color Club (etc. etc. :)) I am asking because I can get those brands cheaper off of online retail stores. Thanks!

  4. Tally: Nice to see you here too :D

    Sorry, I don't have anything like this. It's plum with red sparkle. I have huge collection of blue, black and green nailpolishes and only a few reds/pinks :D


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