Monday, September 28, 2009

OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees suede

I wasn't that thrilled of my other OPI suede polishes (Ink and Russian navy) but Suzi skis in the Pyrenees is so pretty! Or maybe the reason is that I do not have the original Suzi skis in the Pyrenees YET ;) I didn't like this as suede but with top coat this is just amazing.

En aivan riemusta hyppinyt muiden OPI suede lakkojeni kanssa (Ink ja Russian Navy) mutta Suzi skis in the Pyrenees on todella nätti! Vai onkohan syynä se, ettei minulla oli original versiota tästä lakasta VIELÄ ;) Suedena tämä ei niin innostanut mutta päälyslakan kanssa tämä on niin kaunis!


  1. beautiful! it's an amazing colour indeed

  2. I think I "need" the original version too ;)

  3. I love that polish, nea. beautiful indeed!

  4. I really wish my nearby stores had the matte polishes. I love this one matte!

  5. I really like Suedes but with regular top coat. I just love that shimmer <3

    I'll post pictures of Russian navy suede tomorrow!


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