Thursday, September 3, 2009

EOTD with Mangosteen (& The Collection ;)

Unfortunately I noticed that my blending was not the best, in fact it was quite terrible so I'll publish you only this picture ;) I really love Orglamix Mangosteen!

Valitettavasti vain yksi kuva päivän meikistä, huomasin pikkuisen häivytysmokan toisessa silmässä ;D No, enpä tee niin toista kertaa! Pidän todellakin Orgamixin mangosteenistä!

-GOSH Love that Champagne! (primer)
-Orglamix Mangosteen (lid)
-TSS Castle sof glam (Utterly fabulous fall LE), crease & lower lid
-Indelible eye linet Tanzanite
-Lumene Excellenght mascara

And here are some picture of my precious piggies ;) Well, this is my hobby (and only hobby). LOL
Ja tässä muutama kuva mineraalikokoelmastani ;)

The She Space full sizes, samples in jars & sample baggies :D I love sample baggies nowadays, there is really 130 sample baggies on that little box!
The She Space täysikokoiset, samplet purkeissa sekä samplepussit. Samplepussit ovat käteviä, tuossa pikkuisessa laatikossa on itse asiassa 130 eri sävyä!

My growing Aromaleigh collection :D
Kasvussa oleva Aromaleigh kokoelmani :D


Dreamworld samples (in jars) & Meow
Dreamworldin sampleja purkeissa sekä Meowit


  1. Mmmm...piggies...I love them!

    I got Mangosteen in my order, she just shipped it today, I can't wait!

  2. Lisa Kate: You will look fabulous with Mangosteen!

  3. Pretty! I love getting to see other people's collections!:) I'll try to post some pics of mine soon.


  4. Yes, so do I! I love see what others have and how they store them. Don't you just love getting them all out and just looking at them? So how long did it take you to set everything up for the photo shoot? he he

  5. Ha ha :D Had to wait until my kids and husband were sleeping. LOL

    I have also pigments I don't like and those stayed in the closet ;)

    And now I noticed that all my Fyrinnae pigments are missing! That's one of the problems when you have too many piggies :D

  6. wonderful make up!
    and fabolous collection :))


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