Saturday, September 5, 2009


I used to have too many shampoos and condioners but now noticed that I really need to buy some more :D My favorite conditioner is Giovanni Smooth as silk and now I decided to try also 50:50 balancing shampoo & conditoner and Magnetic shampoo. If I like these products, I'll buy bigger bottle from Hong Kong :)

Giovanni products are not available in Finland, I was so glad to hear that iHerb delivers to Finland too and the shpping cost are very reasonable (4 or 6 USD). I'll tell what I think about these products when I receive my order.

Get 5 USD off your FIRST order with discount code: BAC791

Kyllä näemmä kosmetiikkafriikinkin kokoelmat pienenevät, huomasin että on pikkuhiljaa hankittava lisää shampoota :D Suosikkihoitoaineeni on Giovanni Haircaren Smooth as silk ja nyt päätin kokeilla saman merkin 50:50 balancing hoitista ja shampoota sekä Magnetic shampoota. Jos pidän näistä, ostan Hong Kongista isot pönikät.

Valittavasti Giovannin tuotteita ei Suomesta saa mutta onneksi iHerb toimittaa tänne varsin kohtuullisilla kuluilla (4 tai 6 USD). Kertoilen toki mitä näistä pidän, kunhan saapuvat!

Jos tilaatte, alennuskoodilla BAC791 saa ekasta tilauksestaan -5 USD.


  1. That is the shampoo that I use, the 50:50 Balanced, have been for some time now, I love it. I like it a little better than the Smooth as silk. I haven't tried the Magnetic yet, but I don't think that one is organic.

    I used to get it at Ulta, they would have it for buy one get one free. Then I was lucky and found at Marshalls they have a 1000ml very reasonable! The only problem there is it's not consistant on the availality.

    I'm glad you were able to find a place to get it from.

  2. Lyndsey: Nice to know, that you like 50:50, smooth as silk shampoo was ok but not perfect :) I didn't read the inci of Magnetic, should have done that!

    I decided to order these smaller sizes first. SaSa in Hong Kong sells also the bigger bottles, so I'll buy my favorites from there :D


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