Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Orglamix minerals

I've deleted this post, Orglamix has closed the shop.

Lemongrass, Absinthe, Wasabi, Solar, Mangosteen, Lagoon, Slate


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  2. Nice swatches! I've been wanting to try this brand.:)


  3. Thanks SRK Herry :)

    You should try these L! I really like the quality, Orglamix is definitely in my top 3 mineral brands now :D

  4. You are too funny!! I'm the same way...I have so many samples, but...uh...it's my hobby :P

    I love Orglamix so much! I just placed my second order. The owner is so super nice and friendly!

    I think the quality is really nice too...I love how its velvety and creamy!

  5. It' kind of scary when I have all my samples out at once, and it does cross my mind too, Why do I need all of these? But then, they do make me feel good even just to look at them!

    I haven't tried Orglamix yet, now it's on my list! Beautiful swatches.

  6. Ooo! I like Mangosteen,Lagoon,and Slate! Lovely EOTD as always!

  7. Thanks Star :D I'm wearing mangosteen with TSS Castles of Glam (plummy shade from Utterly fabulous fall collection) today. Pictures coming later today.

    Mangosteen is so much more vibrant irl and also in the pictures I took today. It's the best orange/peach I have <3

  8. Those look lovely. I have tons of samples and tons of piggies and each week I just keep adding more. I think I have 13 or 14 more piggies coming from About Face from the sale and Aromaleigh from her sale. I just can't quit. I will never use them all but I love them

  9. LOL!Krista! I also hauled from both sales,TSS and AL! And yes,there's no way, but I am going to find a way! I am an addict!


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