Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aromaleigh Hot in the City: 14 colors made permanent!

14 colors from Aromaleigh's Hot in the City collection are made permanent! Good choices Miss K, all the 6 full sizes I already have, are now in permanent collection :D Yay! There still one pigment I'm going to miss: Rooftop Garden.

This collection is on a glittery side and so lovely! I love the contrasting sparkles in Girl's night out and Concrete jungle! My favorite form this cllection is of course AMAZING apple green: Coney Island.

14 sävyä Aromaleighin Hot in the City-kokoelmasta kuuluu nyt vakivalikoimaan! Hyvät valinnat, Miss K, kaikki 6 täysikokoista pigmenttiäni tästä kokoelmasta päätyivät pysyvään valikoimaan :D Jee! Vain yhtä jäin kaipaamaan: ihana Rooftop Garden...

Kokoelma on hieman glitterisen puoleinen ja aivan ihana, tykkään erityisesti Concrete Junglen ja Girl's night outin erivärisistä kimalteista! Ehdoton suosikkini on kuitenkin upea omenanvihreä Coney Island.

Coney Island. Nails: Orly Wild Wisteria & Prisma gloss silver

*window shopping : neutral champagne buff with golden iridescent highlight and vivid gold sparkles.
rich, deep gray/green/brown tones with shimmery highlights of copper, pink and blue.
-coney island :
joyous green apple luster with bright sparks of green.
-return to tiffany's :
gorgeous aqua sheen with diamond luster and bright teal sparkles.
-girl's night out:
warm purple frost with bright green sparkles.
darkest ebony matte black offset by the brightest sparks of pink and gold.
-italian ice:
sweet and tart bright lemon yellow with pretty pink sparkles throughout...
-concrete jungle :
warmed taupe with the most amazing bright sparks of aqua.
*neon lights :
soft flame orange with sparks of blue.
-lady liberty :
lustrous smokey blue green frost, the shade of weathered copper... like the lady herself!
roses, mauves and browns in a lustrous frost with bright sparks of pinky mauve.
-late for work :
Vivid deep cornflower blue luster with sparkles of blue and green.
-hoity toity:
Deep smokey mauve tones with a metallic pewter undertone and bright sparkles of blue.
*heat wave:
Warm golden luster with iridescent pink highlights and tiny golden sparkles.

*) not swatched, I don't have the pigments.

These colors are now old LE's:

-rooftop garden: Warm golden green frost with tiny sparkles of gold and blue.
-24 hours : deep coppered garnets, smooth and lustrous with tiny sparkles of gold and pink
-brownstone: cocoa brown frost with tiny borealis luster sparkles. Not your average brown...
-hustle & bustle : a warm coppery brown shade with iridescence of pearlized greens and roses...
-swelter: lustrous tangerine with a pink iridescent highlight and contrasting purple sparkles.
mysterious midnight blue, teal green, silvery pewter and warm chocolate tones... all in one, ever-changing.

Any favorites from this collction yet? :D


  1. No voi ny itku mitä ihanuuksia! Kerrohan mulle Nea, tarvitsenko mä Coney Islandin? (Vinkki: kieltävää vastausta ei hyväksytä.)

  2. Oh man, Coney Island and Italian Ice look delectable :D *drools*

  3. Girls, you are so funny! :)

    Oh my, I am so slow! I had Rooftop garden in my wishlist and now it's gone! How lucky I am? lol

  4. Nea, I tagged you! I guess you are not fan of this kind of tags, but anyway :) :

  5. SilhouetteScreams:
    Those colors are so pretty! Italian Ice is not the best color for my coloring, but it looks fabulous on Phyrra (that's why I bought it :D). But definitely worth buying a sample!

    We are not funny, in fact we were VERY serious ;D And thank you for tagging me! In fact I'm a fan of those but I just forget do them... I'm so old, you see ;) But this seems to be "easy", so I just might remember to do it! LOL

  6. I just fell in love with Coney Island, Return To Tiffany's, Girls Night Out and maybe Lady Liberty.
    Oh my God - you fellow bloggers are such an amazing group of enablers - no wonder I'm broke all the!!

    By the way - you are tagged by me as well, miss Nea ;)

  7. Helen:
    Haha, I buy too much too :D And thank you so much! I really try to do it, but if I forget, don't be angry ;D <3

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  9. Your nailpolish so so pretty, it looks like the night with stars, thats goregous.

  10. graphology:
    I LOVE Prisma gloss, it's like hologram stars <3

  11. Gorgeous nails, and i'm really happy about the colours that have been chosen to be permanent. Lot's of my favourites are still available :)


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