Monday, January 4, 2010

Lip balm love & some cheap nail polises

I got my Silk Naturals package today and now I have my own black label lip balms. Yay! My mom wanted the first one and her lips are so dry, so I of course gave mine to her and bought a few new ones ;) These are so nice and moisturizing! I got Devil's food cake (oh my, that's SO sweet) and clear. I LOVE the clear one, it smells so good and scents is not too strong. Well, look at these yummy ingrediens:

Certified Organic Castor, Jojoba, and Avocado oils, Shea Butter, Passionfruit, Cranberry and Camellia Oils, Apricot Wax, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, Carnuaba Wax, Natural Vanilla Infused coconut oil.

You need this! Sorry ;)

Sain Silk Naturals-tilaukseni tänään ja nyt minullakin on omat black label-huulirasvat. Jee! Äitini siis sai edellisen, huulensa olivat niin kuivat, joten tilasin itselleni uudet ;D Ihanan kosteuttavat, suorastaan sulavat huulille. *tähän paljon sydämiä* Ostin Devil's food cake-tuoksun (huh, että on MAKEA!) sekä tuoksuttoman Clearin. Rakastan tuota clearia, tuoksu on ihana ja sopivan kevyt! Yllä myös herkulliset ainesosat, ei ihme että tuoksu on jumalainen!

I got 2 black label lippies, 2 empty 20 g jars & a free sample.

I also bought a few cheap nail polishes from Seppälä. My daughter, Mini, loves nail polishes and especially glittery ones. She wanted to wear that heart glitter polish right away, it looked nice but there should have been more hearts... She wanted at least one heart in every nail and it took some time. LOL

Ostin myös muutamia halpis-lakkoja Seppälästä. Tyttäreni Mini on hulluna kynsilakkoihin, varsinkin glittereihin. Hän halusi heti tuota sydän-lakkaa kynsiinsä ja ihan nätti se olikin. Enemmän sydämiä saisi lakassa kyllä olla, oli melkoista onkimista, kun joka kynnelle piti saada ainakin yksi ;)

miss Selene 177, Wet n'Wild Wind shine "Sparked" & miss Selene 175.

I also received a huge TKB sample order. I'm in LOVE :D I'll take pictures later today!

Ja mikä TKB Trading-tilaus luukusta kolahtikaan (ei siis oikeasti mahtunut edes luukusta :D). Kuvaan niitä illalla!


  1. Wow! I like SilkNaturals products very much!!!! Devil's food cake smells really so sweet and chocolaty, but I like the Lip Balms from Holiday Collection better. Haven't you got a GWP?

    I also have two nail polishes from Miss Selene (124, 125). They are verry pretty

  2. Yay! I made an order to Silk Naturals today, and got the clear Black Label lip balm :) Now that it's winter, my lips are in such a bad condition. At the moment I use EDM's Rose Cardamom Orange lipbalm: olive oil, cocoa seed butter, candelilla wax, murumuru seed butter, castor seed oil... It really works.

  3. TatiLen:
    Holiday collection? When, where, still available? :D

    Good choice! Black label lippie is <3

  4. Surely! SilkNaturals > categories > lip care

    I have Candy Cane, Chocolate Orange and Southern Praline. I want posting a small review about it (may be tomorrow). I also try to make it in English.

  5. Oh no, I think I have to order soon again ;)

  6. I couldn't resist SN lippies either and ordered the clear black label and other stuff during the Christmas holidays. I hope my black label arrives soon, my lips really need it. I also ordered glosses and samples of blushes, glows and concealers and will get Boom e/s for free, yay :)

  7. This lip balm composition sounds really appealing to me!

  8. Keijukainen:

    These are really so nice! Very luxurious :)

  9. I love the nailpolish with the glitter :-).

  10. graphology:
    I think I need to try it today :D Price was very affordable, below 2 euros!

  11. That sample baggie looks itty bitty! hehe
    Those nail polishes are sooo cuuute! :D


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