Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TKB Trading mica swatches, part 1

I've been so tired today, hope I won't get sick again... But here is part 1 of my TKB Trading swatches, I hope I have time and energy to swatch the rest soon!

Before you get too excited, I must say that some of these are really ingredients not a finished products :) If you want a finished products, please purchase from good MMU companies. TKB Trading is a wholesale company.

First the glitters. These were quite gritty and didn't adhere well (uum... at all). I foiled these glitters with Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy for the swatch. I bet these will look fabulous in nail polish :D

No niin, tässäpä ensimmäinen osa TKB swatcheistani. Yritän saada loputkin tehtyä mahd. pian, on vain voimat ihan loppu (toivottavasti ei ole mikään pöpö taas iskemässä :P). Ennen kuin ihan liikaa innostutte, niin osa on tosiaan ihan mineraaleimeikkien "lisäaineita", eivät toimi yksinään ja nuo paremmatkin tarvitsevat hyvän primerin. Jos haluat kunnollisen valmiin tuotteen, niitä saa mineraalimeikkifirmoista :) Mutta halpoja kyllä ovat ovat!

Ensin glitterit. Olivat aika karkeita ja eivät tarttuneet ihoon helposti (no, eivät juurikaan). Sekoitin nämä märkänä Fyrinnaen Pixie Epoxyyn, että sain kuvattua. Näyttävät varmaan ihanilta kynsilakassa!

Here are some Sparks etc. These are definitely additives! When I opened the baggies, I had sparkles everywhere but I LOVE Gold and Green Sparks :D Sparkle Turquoise was a bit too cool for my taste.

Tässä taas Sparkist yms. Nämä ovat selvästi niitä lisäaineita! Kun avasin pussukan, tavaraa pöllähti joka puolelle mutta onpahan kauniit varsinkin nuo Gold ja Green Sparksit :D Sparkle Turquoise taas oli liian jäätävä sävy makuuni.

These are much better! I think you can use these without problems, if you have good primer :) Pure Purple is really a pure purple, not periwinkle blue like in the swatch. Oh, the second row... *drool*

No niin, nyt alkaa tulla jo ihan luomivärejä :D Hyvän primerin kanssa näitä varmaan voi käyttää ihan hyvin. Pure Purple näyttää ihan vaalean sinililalta mutta on oikeasti pure purple. Oih, toinen rivi... *kuolaa*

What a beauties!

Kaunottaria! :D

Hope you liked these swatches :)


  1. Now you make me want to get some more colors that I still do not have... bad Nea, bad.
    How much are the duty fees etc in Finland?
    Starting from January 1st every purchase more then 22 EUR (from outside EU) gets VAT-taxed by Estonian customs. No duty tax until the purchase is more then 150 eur.
    Do you have to pay any taxes on your stuff? I mean - most of my purchases are over 22 EUR (shipping included) - it feels so stupid to pay 20% every time I get a parcel :S

  2. Sorry, Siilike ;) I know I'm bad. LOL

    We have to pay value added tax if the order (including shipping cost) is over 45 €. I've never had to pay any taxes when I've ordered cosmetics, I always try to keep my orders below that 45 € :)

  3. Twilight Green and After Twilight are gorgeous ... more to add to my wish list!

  4. Freakin gorgeous!! I love how you added that its just mica. I'm not sure everyone understands that. I love the Holo glitter!!! I use loose glitter almost every time I paint my nails XD Those greens are pretty awesome.

    I also have a base from TKB, its really nice!

  5. LK:
    I love these colors :D Which base you have? I didn't understand much about those. LOL

  6. The Turquoise Glitter ist so gorgeous, i get one in the similar colour from Mac

  7. WOW! I especially like the green ones. Gorgeous! Thanks for swatching!

  8. graphology:
    I love that turquoise color <3

    I hope I'll have time to do swatch the rest very soon!

  9. Very nice swatches and some great colors. Thanks for letting us know that they aren't finished products!!

  10. Oooo nice! I like Emerald, it's a nice color. :)

  11. The glitters are a little harder to work with, but patting/pressing them on instead of sweeping will make them stick better. :-)
    I use TKB a lot so it is something you can get used to and make the micas work well. I love them and have made a lot of my own colours with crazy sparkles in them. It's a lot of fun.

  12. BLIX:
    You very SO right! OMG, these are gorgeous! I'm wearing Lotsa Lime & Deep Green and you might need I good primer (I have Detrivore) but these are just WOW and were very easy to apply (there might be differences between colors, of course)! Pictures coming later today, you are going to be surprised. Sparks are sparks, but I think i'll add those some micas later...

  13. U lucky Finns! Lots of stuff can be bought for 45 EUR...
    Lotsa Lime IMHO is only wearable with primer and wet application - I found the Edda's set actually quite disappointing... I'm pimping them off to my green and brown-eyed friends.

  14. Siilike:
    45€ is usually "enough" :) Oh, if Losta Lime is not the best, I'm so going to love these! I'm wearing it today and I'm in love <3

  15. Would you mind comparing Lotsa Lime, Green Apple and Glimmer Green?

  16. Ei tämmöisiä ihanuuksia saa näyttää vihreä-addiktille :P

  17. oh god i need some of these to add to my nail polihes. Kiita?


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