Thursday, January 28, 2010

[EOTD] Fyrinnae Lights of Auckland glitter

As I already told you, I LOVE Fyrinnae's City Glam Glitters! Here is what Fyrinnae says about this lovely product:
Kuten jo kerroinkin, pidän todellakin Fyrinnaen City Glam glittereistä, alla Fyrinnaen selostus tuotteesta:

"Our City Glam colours are pure sparkle, no "background" colours, no filler, just safe cosmetic grade imitation glitter. Unlike mica-based shimmers, these really sparkle! Our photos can't even begin to show how much. They can create subtle sparkle or intense glowing, sparkly accents, depending on how you use them. Try a little over lipgloss to enhance the colour, or a lot to create a new stunning shade. Great rubbed on dry as a sheer sparkly shadow, applied wet as an eyeliner, or over lipgloss. Mix a sprinkle with hair gel, nail polish, or...?

I tried Lights of Auckland today as an eye shadow. I was a bit worried since I was in a hurry (haha, what a surprise ;). It was completely opaque but it sure looked damn good. The picture won't show you that lovely sparkle, I got so many compliments today :D The darker City Lights migt work best over regular eye shadows.
Kokeilin tänään Lights of Aucklandia luomivärinä. Hieman jännitti miltä näyttää ja kiirekin oli taas kova (miksen voi herätä ajoissa :P). Täysin peittävä tämä ei ollut mutta näytti törkeän hyvältä. Kuva ei alkuunkaan näytä sävyn ihanaa kimallusta, muutama tätä jopa tänään kehui :D Tummemmat glitterit näyttävät ehkä paremmilta tumman sävyn päällä.

I used Lights of Auckland with Geek Glam, it's "regular" eye shadow and gorgeous. I didn't foil the glitter, just applied over Detrivore primer.
Käytin Lights of Aucklandia Geek Glamin seurana, ihana sävy sekin ja ihan normaali-valikoimasta. Glitter on taputeltu kuivalla siveltimellä Detrivore primerin päälle.

-Detrivore primer
-Fyrinnae Lights of Auckland (lid)
-Fyrinnae Geek Glam (crease)
-Fyrinnae Finnegan's wake (brow bone)
-MAC fluidline Blitz&Glitz
-LashStiletto wp

Lights of Auckland: Pale mint green that looks like glittery light green foil when applied wet, and provides two hues of cheerful green sparkle when applied dry.
Geek Glam: Glowing, sparkling grean, leaning a bit to aqua. Quite reflective-looking on varying skintones.

Have you tried these glitters yet?


  1. I really like your EOTD's, they're super fun and inspiring! =) Thank you for following my blog, I really appreciate it! Made my day!


  2. That is lovely! I love the liner as well.

  3. Pixie:
    Thank you :) I'm also addicted to MAC fluidlines. LOL

  4. Ohhh very pretty! I may just have to add them to my next order....

  5. I really like green on you, pretty :-)

  6. Greens are your colour! They are just so perfect on you! :-)

  7. Thia Winter:
    Good idea :) Samples are great!

    graphology & BLIX:
    Thank you :) I really love green, just "found" that color a few years ago!

  8. I love the Fyrinnae City Glams as well! I also have Lights of Auckland, and also Lights of Stockholm (patriotic choice, lol), which is a light lavender glitz.
    They should come up with a "Lights of Helsinki" shade as well, don't you think? :)

  9. Helen:
    Definitely :D I already ordered Lights of Stocholm & Moscow, the neighbours. LOL

    I used Lights of Hong Kong today over plum eyeshadow->gorgeous :)

  10. Lights of Auckland is lovely. Very brightening and I love all things green! I have trouble lining under my eyes... did you use the fluid line or an eyeshadow to do your lower lashline? Thanks!

  11. Tally:
    Greens are always lovely :D I use Fluidline on upper lashline and pigments (usually the same I have in crease) on lower lashline. I use MAC pencil brush to apply the pigment.

  12. Thanks for the info! Yeah, I've always thought pigments looked more natural for the lower lash-line, but they also tend to smudge so I try using gel liners and it is really hard to get them subtle looking enough.

  13. Ah, I've run out of words. Your eye makeup always looks so good! How do you do it?! :D

  14. Witoxcity:
    You make me blush :) Thank you! My secret is macig wand (MAC 217) :D


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