Monday, January 4, 2010

Very natural Sassy minerals look ;)

Yep, I was supposed to be a very natural & light look ;) My back hurst so I had appointment with my osteopath and it always better to wear minimal makeup... Well, here it is:

Jep jep, tarkoituksena oli tehdä todella luonnollinen ja vaalea meikki ;) Selkä sattuu taas järkyttävästi ja olin menossa osteopaatille. On aina parasta laittaa minimimeikit tuonne, onpa vähemmän sitten silmien allakin... No tässäpä se:

I really do not have any idea how this happened :D I really wanted to use beige & medium brown... LOL Well, anyway I loved this look! Isn't After party so pretty?

En ymmärrä miten tämä tapahtui! Mahdoinkahan olla vielä puoliksi unessa :D Tosiaan tarkoituksena oli tehdä beige-keskiruskea meikki, oli jopa tuo Silk Sheets sitä varten kädessäkin... No juu, kiva tästä sentään tuli ja pysyikin ihan hyvin. Eikö After party olekin ihana?

Trust me: Soft lime with gold sparkle
After party: Intense sparkling smoky gold with flashes of copper.

I used
-Detrivore primer
-Sassy Trust me (lid)
-Sassy After party (crease & lower lashline)
-Sassy Silk sheets (browbone)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

Thanks for looking :)


  1. It looks pretty, the green colour harmonizes with your eyecolour.

  2. It's lovely!!! I think I have to order at Sassy Minerals soon. Their Minerals look very nice.

  3. graphology:
    Thank you so much :) I really like your blog!

    I think you have to order :D I really love Sassy Minerals <3 I have done many Sassy swatches too. I hope they get the lip glosses up soon, I'll order more then!

  4. Sassy is on my list of "wants but it'll have to wait", haha. After Party is niiiice. :D

  5. Wow, After Party looks gorg! Very pretty look.

  6. After Party look so pretty - Very nice look on you!

  7. Very pretty! These gold colours look great on your beautiful eyes =)

  8. After party looks so good on you and I guess you can never go wrong with green :)

    Trust me is one of my favorites too but I've been trying to be a good girl and wait for a sale to get a full size but it seems they won't have one :/

  9. I have Trust Me. It's gorgeous! It looks very nice with Bad Attitude. :) Now I think I should get After Party as well. :)

    PS Cool names! lol

  10. Thank you ladies :D I really love Sassy Minerals (definitely worth ordering!) and those names are just so funny. LOL


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