Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NOTD Depend 149

Oh, finally! This is also one of the giveaway colors (I of course have my own and that's not used :D). I used 2 coats but this was quite opaque after the first coat.

No vihdoinkin! Eli Tämä Dependin 149 on myös yksi arvonnan tuotteista (tietenkin toinen kappale, käyttämätön :D). Käytin 2 kerrosta mutta oli todella hyvin peittävä jo yhden jälkeen.

Depend 149.

TKB swatches coming later today!


  1. It looks beautiful on your nails. I went on their website and I must say the Depend color range is quite pretty and full of little beauties. <3

  2. The shimmer in this is gorgeous. I think this is one of those colors that anyone can wear. Love it!

  3. nathalie:
    I think I need many more :D Nail polishes are very expensive in Finland, so it's nice to find cheaper ones too.

    Evil Angel:
    I really like it <3


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