Thursday, January 7, 2010

EOTD Lotsa Lime & TKB lime comparison

When I received my TKB Trading order, Lotsa lime was the color I was most interested in... So I had to try it today! I thought that I must be crazy: buy ingredients and probably never do anything with them. I was so surprised when I tried these, of course some are just ingredients but many can be used with good primer without any problems.

Kun sain TKB Trading tilauksen, Lotsa Lime iski heti silmään, joten olihan se pakko testata hetimiten! Ajattelin olevani jo ihan hullu, kun ostan mineraalimeikkien aineksia vaikka en edes aio mineraaleja itse tehdä. Olinkin todella yllättynyt nyt kun näitä testasin, osa toki on vain "aineksia" mutta suuri osa näyttää toimivat ihan hienosti kunnon primerin kera!

I now also understand that I was so easy customer in the past: many of these colors seem very unique... I still think you can get better products from great MMU companies like Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae, HiFi Cosmetics, Evil Shades... Please look "Mineral Makeup Mutiny approved" companies from here. But I NEVER EVER want to buy from repackagers again!

I'll definitely buy more from TKB! They have also receipes in the site and following text:

Nyt tiedän olleeni kyllä aivan liian "helppo" tapaus monille uudelleenpakkaajille: suurin osa näistä sävyistä ovat ihan ihania ja kovin uniikkeja... Luulin tukusta saavan vain tylsiä perusjuttuja ;) Saat toki parempaa laatua kunnon mineraalifirmoista, kuten Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae, HiFi Cosmetics, Evil Shades... Mutta ihan kelvollisia ovat nämäkin. Yllä linkki vielä Mineral makeup Mutinyn "hyväksymiin" firmoihin. En enää IKINÄ halua antaa rahojani uudelleenpakkaajille, ostan mielummin suoraan TKB:ltä! TKB sivuilta löytyy reseptejä mineraalimeikkeihin sekä tieto, siitä ettei näitä reseptejä saa väittää omikseen tai myydä niiden mukaan tehtyjä mineraaleja ominaan.

These recipes are provided to you by our customers for your fun and enjoyment.

It is inappropriate for you to do any of the following:

  • Copy the recipe and call it your own formulation or include it in an eBook or on your website
  • Copy the name of the product and/or the photo from our site and put them on your Etsy, EBAY or personal webstore and then start reselling the product as your own.

Thank you for understanding.

It's quite sad that TKB is getting "bad reputation" because of some repackagers... I really like their products and cutomer service. I think making "own" makeup can be a nice hobby to many addicts :D

And the my FOTD. I really liked this look, I think chartreuse green makes my blue/green(?) eyes so blue.

Surullista, että TKB saa turhaan huonon maineen uudelleenpakkajien takia... Pidän todella niin tuotteista kuin palvelustakin. Omien mineraalimeikkien tekohan voi olla varsin kiva harrastus addikteille :D

Tässä vielä päivän meikki. Pidin tästä todella paljon, kellanvihreä saa jännästi silmäni sinisemmiksi. Vai kuvitelenko vain?

-Purely foundation
-Purely Diamond finishing powder
-HiFi gel blush Get it on
-Detrivore primer
-TKB Lotsa lime (lid)
-TKB Deep green (crease, lower lashline)
-TKB Green sparks (browbone)
-MAC fluidline Blitz&Glitz
-LashStiletto wp
-Fyrinnae Lip Lustre Lickable

And finally, lime comaprison to Siilike :) Green glimmer is less yellow, Lotsa Lime is my favorite!

Ja vielä pieni lime-vertailu Siilikelle :) Green glimmer on vähiten kellertävä ja Lotsa Lime ihan ehdoton suosikkini!

Thanks for looking :)


  1. That green looks lovely on you!

    I'm a huge fan of TKB. They've always been lovely when I've ordered or emailed.

  2. Sirvinya:
    Thank you! I really liked these pigments and I want more ;D

  3. Very pretty! You look awesome in bold greens like that!

    I played around a bit mixing a few of my own colors from that recipe book on TKB's site. It's really fun, but messy. Really messy XD

  4. Dang! I have these colours and haven't even tried them yet! I must fix this soon! You look beautiful. :-)

    Lisa Kate,
    OMG it is messy! I have added even more glitter/sparkles to my dining table from mixing colours...and they just won't come out of the grooves in the wood. I have a cute sparkly table. :-)

  5. LisaKate:
    Thank you <3

    Thank you, you are so sweet :D And you really must try these colors!

    I don't like messy things so I just might not want to mix my own colors. LOL

  6. nihrida:
    Thank you :)

    And now I remember that I used Purely Diamond finish powder for the first time!

  7. Lotsa Lime is gorgeous on you! I love that color!

  8. Ohhhh pretty. That is a lovely green. It suits your coloring very well.

  9. Oh how beautiful. I love the green on you..Perfection!!!

  10. You are beautiful! Glimmer Green looks so lovely :-D

  11. You look so pretty! That green looks so great on you. It's sad how TKB is getting a bad rep, when SO many people copy THEM...

  12. Those greens are so fun! I love it on you! I like buying from TKB and it is fun to mix your own, but I still love the creativity that some other's use when blending their shadows. (I would never try to do my own foundation) The TKB colors are so nice!

  13. Thanks for the swatches...
    And you are right - golden tones are exactly the thing for blue eyes. Makes them pop

  14. this is such a beautiful look! You did a great job with the colors :) They also bring out those pretty blue eyes u have :)

  15. Alina:
    Thank you so much :) I really love chartreuse color!

  16. I love it...!!!!! I love green color like uuu!!!! COngrants... Your blog its so cool... and different...!!!! XOXO From Dominican Republic...


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