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My favorite Aromaleigh collection SPRING SOLSTICE: 14 shades made permanent!

My favorite Aromaleigh collection is definitely Spring Solstice! This is so "me" :D Descriptions & photos from Aromaleigh's website, swatches are mine.

Suosikkikokoelmani Aromaleighiltä on Spring Solstice. Siis tämähän on kuiten tehty minulle :D Kuvat ja kuvaukset Aromaleighin sivuilta, swatchit toki omani.

Spring solstice pigments swatched dry over Lumene primer (except Rocks! glitter, it was applied heavily over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy).

1. Zinnia: So unique, this vibrant but soft coral peach turns into a blend of pinkish coral with a dominant violet iridescence.
2. Heartleaf:
The freshness of budding leaves with sparkles of violet.
3. Forget-me-not:
The lush turquoise of petals, sparkling with magical turquoise sparkles.
4. Viburnum:
Remember the coveted Le Mystere #69? The only Mystere that actually had a recipe? Well, this is it. The perfect marriage of cocoa brown and pewter. Softly frosted. Fantastic.
5. May Lily :
My new favorite- the palest creamy greenish shimmer with sparkles of pink and violet.
6. Nasturtium:
Dramatic neutral red, sparkling with highlights of pink sparks.
7. Phlox:
A delicate, shimmering wash of pale silver grey with iridescent blue sparks.
8. Bellflower:
A diaphanous violet purple tone, slightly sheer, with highlights of pink sparks.
9. Calendula:
Warm mahogany brown with coppery sparkle shimmer.
10. Greenbrier:
Lovely cool green with surprising sparks of blue, the color of the sky.
11. Alyssum:
Soft frosty champagne pink with shimmer of green and blue.
12. Trillium:
Vibrant, but wearable fresh Spring green full of shimmering green sparkles.
13. Ondberry:
A rich, softly shimmering eggplant purple with slight sparkles of gold.
14. Lupine:
Shimmering mid-tone smokey blue violet.

Some of my favorites are May Lily (in my top 10 list!), Trillium, Ondberry, Forget-me-not... Unfortunately Godetia and Mallow weren't popular enough to make to the permanent colors and I didn't have time to order full size of those :( But I guess Miss K will create too many too nice pigments in the future!

Suosikkejani ovat mm. May Lily (top 10 listallani), Trillium, Ondberry, Forget-me-not... Valitettavasti Godetia ja Mallow eivät olleet tarpeeksi suositut ja päässeet pysyviksi väreiksi :( Mutta Miss K keksii varmasti jotain uutta pian pääni menoksi! Hyvää kuvaa en meikistäni saanut mutta alla sentään yksi otos.

I didn't get good pictures of my makeup, but I'll post this one:

-Detrivore primer
-AL Phlox (lid)
-AL Lupine (outer lid)
-AL Colette (crease, lower lashline)
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

I also finally swatched some miscellaneous Aromaleigh pigments:

Brianna/ Eye Lustre: Pearlized khaki with golden toned highlights.
Gilded Jeolousy/ Gothic Lolita Eye Collection: A lusciously intense pearlized khaki green. Rich and multi-dimensional.
Aurelie/ Bete Noire Eyeshadow: Coppered bronze with smokey lowlight and gold and copper sparks.
Jolie/ Bete Noire Eyeshadow: Lush burgundy wine with bright violet shimmer. This is gorgeous!
Azalea/ Opulent Lustre: Heathered soft pink-lilac shadow, but vivid with metallic sheen. Lovely!
Isabella/ Eye Lustre: A multi-dimensional deep heathery shade.
Severina/ Eye Lustre: Gorgeous verdant green with an almost metallic pearl glimmer.
Charcoal/ Pure Eyes Frost Eyeshadow: A deep charcoal gray frost eyeshadow.

Some blushes:
-Epitome Pure Rouge (warm toned)- A luscious coral/peach. Very natural! Hint of subtle shimmer.
-Tawny Pure Rouge: A warm peachy brown shade with a hint of shimmer.
-Plumwine Pure Rouge (neutral/cool toned)- a delightful plummy shade with wine tones and subtle pink shimmer.

Thanks for looking :)


  1. Great colors ! I never tried this brand before but they look awesome and well pigmented :-)

  2. Tuli:
    Aromaleigh is definitely one of my favorite MMU companies :)

  3. I'm sad I wont get to try Mallow :( When I placed my last chance order I kept forgetting to grab samples of the ones I wouldn't get fs of, so I missed out on a bunch of L'orchidees as well.
    I do love that Tawny blush! I don't have any peachy browns, they kinda scare me, but that one looks very pretty. I just hate trying to get them out of the sample bags

  4. Gorgeous colours and i like your eyes, you blend it so great, really pretty

  5. I just got a bunch of samples of these and they truly are beautiful i'm definately going to be getting some full sizes soon :)

  6. I'm wearing today :) It's so pretty. Thanks for the swatches, I always love them!

  7. Ondberry is one of my favorites, too. :) I love your swatches of Azalea and Isabella. I'd never looked at those, but now I'll probably order samples.

  8. I couldn't agree more about Mallow. It was so beautiful and good for my pale skintone. I'll have to make the precious sample I got last for a long time. :)

    Oh, and it looks like it's as cold where you are as where I am. Brrr...

  9. So how do you like the Detrivore primer,Rii? I can't wait for your review of it!

    I like this look on you.

    My faves from this collection are Forget-me-not,Bellflower,and Trillium. I just have to get Trillium. I won Forget-me-not in the butterfly contests,and I got Bellflower off of E-bay. But now that alot of the LE's are becoming permanent, I won't have to spend so much on Ebay.

  10. Gorgeous! Heartleaf, Greenbrier, May Lily and Brianna are on my "next buy" list. :) Have to order them when there's still 25% discount available. :)

  11. Ihana on tuo punainen Nasturtium, pitäisköhän ihan tilata....

  12. You look beautiful! Colette really makes your eyes pop!

    So far I've only tried Zinnia from Spring Solstice and I love it. I really want Epitome...bad XD

  13. AxSDenied:
    Tawny is so pretty! I hate blush sample baggies too, so difficult to use... But I have huge amount of empty jars :D

    Thank you :)

    Lillian Funny face:
    I need many full sizes too :D

    Glad you liked the swatches :)

    Azalea is gorgeous :D

    Painted Moogle:
    I hate cold weather... brr... Mallow is so nice <3

    I LOVE Detrivore primer! Have you seen Lisa kate's review of it? I couldn't agree more :D And thank you :) I love Trillium too!

    Those colors are so beautiful, you should get those :)

    Ehkä :D

    Lisa Kate:
    Thank you! Colette is so lovely color. You should get Epitome ;)

  14. Dang those colors are awesome!!

  15. Dang it! These are soo pretty. I need to get them!

  16. I *heart* heartleaf, lol! And really like Nasturtium too.

  17. Oh, I really liked Jessamine too. Too bad it didn't make it. I am wearing Jessamine and Nasturtium in my icon (although you can't tell, it's too small).


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