Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My TKB Trading haul!

Oh yes, this must be a pigment heaven ;) I got my TKB Trading order today (ordered it 23rd of December). Very professional company and great customer service! Shipping to Finland was 14 USD. I really like the pigments I got and samples are HUGE :D

TKB Trading is a wholesale company, so they basically sell to companies who make mineral makeup & other cosmetics. If you are looking for wholesale pigments, you can buy those from Sweetscents too. If you want to start your own mineral makeup company, do not repack these micas. It might sound like great idea but so many does it already... And won't get the best reputation, not anymore!

TKB moonstone mica sample baggie in 20g jar!

I really understand why somebody could be tempted to just repack this beautiful stuff... But still, don't do it. Even these samples are so big, I could make so many tiny samples from these! Maybe I even will do that someday and make a giveaway to all green/ turquoise lovers. Why for green/turquoise lovers only? Well, just look at those pictures. LOL

By the way, please answer to my repackaging poll there--->

Ou jees, meikkä on pigmenttitaivaassa ;D Sain siis TKB Trading tilaukseni tänään (tilasin 23.12.). Oikein ammattimainen firma, loistava asiakaspalvelu ja nopea toimitus! Toimitus maksoi 14 uSD ja tuollaisessa laatikossa saapuivat. Pidän näistä väreistä todellakin ja samplet ovat hurjan kokoiset :D

TKB on siis tukkufirma ja myy materiaaleja mineraalimeikkejä yms valmistaville pienille firmoille. Kunnon firmat, kuten HiFi Cosmetics, käyttävät näitä mineraalimeikkien valmistukseen mutta tosiaan lisäävät mukaan myös muita aineita. Näin tuoteesta tulee mm. paremmin pysyvä.

Nyt tajuan kyllä miksi joku saattaa hairahtua pakkaamaan näitä kaunokaisia vain pienempiin purkkeihin... Yhdestä samplestakin taitaisi saada lähemmäs sata miniminisamplea (sellaisia joita oikeasti joskus saa). Ehkäpä jopa joskus teenkin ja laitan pystyyn pikku arvonnan kaikille vihreästä ja turkoosista pitäville. Miksi vain heille? Hah, katsopa kuvat.
Mutta vakavammin, moni pikkufirma todellakin vain pakkaa tätä uusiksi... Arvaa harmittaako, kun saa saman pigmentin ties kuinka monennetta kertaa :P Onneksi nykyään tämä ei mene yhtä helposti läpi kuin aiemmin.

And look at these glitters!

Turquoise tweak

Holla glow

I try swatch these someday... I just have so many Detrivore pigments to swatch before these :D

Yritän joskus swatchata nämä, vähän vain pukkaa jonoa ;)


  1. Dang those samples are packed to the seal. Nice!

  2. Ah, todellinen nautinto silmälle! :D Joku hulluus-moodi kilahtaa päälle, kun näkee söpöjä värikkäitä pakkauksia.

  3. I have all of those but 2! I don't think I have seen moonstone before...and I don't have Vintage Blue. Such pretty colours!

  4. BLIZ:
    You have excellent taste :D

    katjamaria: niin-pä :D

    These are huge! I added a new picture to demonstrate the size, TKB sample size is full 20 g jar! I think I need some bases etc too, so I can make some eyeshadows as a present to my friends :)

  5. Christ, those samples are HUGE :D

    If you continue like this, we'll start requesting some Nea mineral makeup, lol!

  6. Haha, veti ihan kylmätväreet tosta Turquoise tweakin tirkistyskuvasta. Niin makee! Meillä on sitten kyllä epäilyksemme, jos yhtäkkiä on firma pystyssä ;)

  7. Haha, if you ever see "Nea Minerals" sold by me in Etsy DO NOT BUY :D It would be repackaged for sure. LOL

    Sagu: You can this "Nea makeup" straight from TKB and I bet it's cheaper ;)

  8. Can we expect swatches? =) I love those pogments.

  9. nihrida:
    Sure! I try to swach these tomorrow :) Glitters were quite gritty but for example Lotsa Lime felt VERY nice <3

  10. Wow so many colours, the glitter looks amazing :-)

  11. So pretty! I'll be adding TKB to the endless list of my "must haves!"

  12. Wow, the sample baggies I received today are nothing like that (I've never gotten sample baggies before). Well, after looking at all the blogs that have pictures of sample baggies I was expecting more than what I got, but I'm still very happy with what I got because that's the size they promised, but I had thought it would be a bigger package I guess...

    I'm definately going to check out the TKB website. :D

  13. Serafia:
    I was quite shocked when I received my first sample baggie, it felt so tiny! In the beginning I transferred sample baggies to jars and surprisingly there was quite much in the baggie! I fact I rarely need a full size, only my favorites ;) These are however HUGE. I've heard that these REALLY need a base, good companies (like HiFi Cosmetics) use these as a base and add different ingredients to make the pigments better :)

    I'll soon start swatching these :D

  14. Wow, their samples fill a 20 gram jar?! Wow!!! Although it's tempting to do my own mixing and color creations, I'd be way too lazy and uncreative. I wouldn't know what to mix to make a nice color and it'd probably all turn into brown. :-/

    I laughed when you said Nea Minerals would be repacked for sure. Haha!

    Those look so beautiful. Cant wait to see what looks you come up with. Have you ever done a smokey eye look?

  15. Oh my, that holographic glitter is GORGEOUS! I think it would look great in a home made nail polish as well.

  16. Yum, so much! Sara from the Makeup Snob sent me her samples that she already took full 10 gram jars of, then I took 5 gram jars of them then I gave them to my sis in law! There is SO much in those its crazy pants! I want to place another order but I have so much already that I need to use!

  17. I think I have up to 80 TKB colors already but I still crave more - more and more of those greens... and I must have Gold Fine which is out of stock at the moment. Congrats on the luvly haul, Nea!

  18. LT:
    I've tried a smokey eye long time ago and I looked quite terribe (like I've fighting or something :D). I need to try that again someday!

    I'm also not at all creative and that why there will never be Nea Minerals :D

    I think Holla glow will look fabulous in nailpolish!

    Yes, these are huge :D

    Thanks! Wow, 80 colors... That's something :D


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