Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holo comparison, Transdesign & OC Nail Art hauls

Here is my holo comparison. I must say that Color Club was very easy to apply but the effect is MUCH stronger and prettier in Nfu Oh! Sorry CC, you were my favorite before Nfu Oh's but not anymore ;)
No niin, tässäpä lupaamani holo-vertailu. Täytyy sanoa, että vaikka Color Club Worth the Risque onkin helppo levittää, on hologrammi-efekti näissä kyllä aivan eri luokkaa! Sori vaan CC, Nfut veivät paikkasi suosikkinani ;D

And then my Transdesign & OC Nail Art hauls... What a beautiful nail polishes & Konad plates!
Ja sitten Transdesign & OC Nail Art tilaukseni... Onpa kauniita lakkoja! Dependien lisäksi ei ole aikoihin uusia lakkoja tullut hankittuakaan :)

China Glaze Up & Away collection, lovely & summery colors!

Re-fresh mint (mint green)
Four Leaf clover (green)
Grape pop (lilac)
Light as Air (light lilac)
Flyin' high (aqua)

OPI Alice in Wonderland: Mad as a hatter & Absolutely Alice.

Konad plates m69, m73, m70 & m72.

Orly Nail Armor, Nail art pen & OPI nail file.

My poor nails, I have "some" swatching to do ;D Which ones are your favorites?
Voi kynsi-raukat, "hiukan" on swatchaamista luvassa ;D Löytyikö näistä suosikkeja?


  1. Kiitos tuosta holo-vertailusta, ihmettelinkin miten muka Worth the Risque olisi voinut olla parempi... itse en siihen koskaan suuremmin ihastunut. Hienot hankinnat sulla, alkaa itsekin taas ostossormia syyhyttää :-)

  2. Exciting haul! I'd like to see Four Leaf Clover on your nails. :)

    Also great holo comparison. I wonder how ChG OMG looks like against NFUoh #65. And which one is the strongest. Today I've received Color Club Wild at Heart. It looks so cool!

  3. Amabile:
    Kun ei paremmasta tiennyt ;D On se aika tylsä nyt vaikka kovasti ennen tykkäsin!

    I just painted my nails with Light as air & Grape pop :D I love these gorgeous cremes <3

  4. This look fantastic, the haul ist great, so many gorgeous colours.

  5. I just knew you can't like CC more than Nfu Oh. =))))

  6. graphology:
    I don't usually like pastels but this collection is very interesting :D

    Haha! So true ;D

  7. Cool holos! I can't wait to try some of the new CG colors, especially the mint green one. :)

  8. Rebecca:
    Yes, you need holos :D

    Ella Runciter:
    I tried purples now but I'll try those lovely greens next! I really like these and China Glazes are my favorites with Konad too.

  9. Mitämitämitä, OPIt on jo myynnissä! Mä oon vaan sokeena tuijotellut pelkkää 8ty8 Beautya, eikä siellä ole vielä mitään. Heti aamulla tilaus napsumaan Trans Designille :D

  10. hello :)
    I tagged you!


  11. LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE those China Glaze colors!!! I want candy heart finger nails & toes!!!!

  12. Uuh.. holoja...

    Mad As Hatter on ihana! Oon ihaillut kynsiäni tässä muutaman päivän ajan kun ne kimaltelee niin nätisti :) Vähän pelottaa, miten tuskallista poistaminen tulee olemaan...

  13. I discovered yesterday that if I mix the white polish I've got with TKB's Green Apple Pop! I get something similar to Re-fresh mint. Too bad I do not fancy creamy colors.

  14. kiukkupussi:
    No sieltä saa ja nopeasti tulevat :D

    Oh, thank you :D

    up& away is so nice collection, pastels & brights, and not at all boring :D

    Glitterien huonompi puoli, jep jep ;)

    I bet those looked wonderful!

  15. Great hauls - I see we share a similar taste ;)
    I had Absolutely Alice and Mad as a Hatter arriving in the mailbox yesterday - aren't they truly stunning?!
    I also have Orly Nail Armor, which I really like and use frequently - it's a great product.
    Hmmmm - now I will have to order those Nfu Oh holos... they are gorgeous!

  16. Vanessa:
    I nails LOVE nail armor! You need Nfu holos, definitely ;D

  17. Ohhh i LOVE hologram polishes! Those are all gorgeous.
    And i love the up up and away collection, i want basically all the colours! And i do like Absolutely Alice a lot!

  18. Lillian Funny Face:
    I think I want also the pinks and peach from Up&Aaway :D These pastels are just so delicious!

  19. New-gurl-in-finlandSaturday, 22 October, 2011

    Hi, could you please tell me where can I buy Color Club and China glaze nail polishes here?

  20. I hope somebody else can help... I don't buy nailpolishes that much anymore. At least Kicks sells China Glaze.


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