Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fyrinnae swatches

Once again, I can't believe my eyes... How can Fyrinnae's pigments be this beautiful? :D I was very impressed of City Lights glitters too! These are not like traditional glitter, much finer and these seem to adhere very well too! I swatched all the glitters & pigments dry over Lumene primer.
Ja taas kerran olen ihan ihmeissäni, siis miten näin kauniita pigmenttejä voi olla edes :D Olin todella yllättynyt myös City Lights glittereiden laadusta, nämä ovat paljon hienojakoisempia ja paremmin ihon tarttuvia kuin aiemmat glitterini. Näistä pidän todella ja taidan pari samplea tilata lisääkin ;) Kaikki swatchattu kuivana Lumenen primerin päälle.

All of the pigments were so beutiful but if I'd have to say my favorites, I'd say Immortality and Robot takeover. Immortality is amazing, much nicer irl.
Kaikki pigmentit ovat todella kauniita mutta jos suosikit pitäisi valita, olisivat ne Immortality ja Robot takeover. Immortality on aivan uskomattoman kaunis, nätimpi vielä luonnossa!

I really love Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres and now I found my favorite! Deceptive innocence is a PERFECT nude on my lips. I need full size of it, asap :D
Pidän Fyrinnae Lip Lustreista ja nyt löytyi ihan ehdoton suosikkikin! Deceptive Innocence on TÄYDELLINEN nude minulle. Tästä täytyy saada isompi koko hetimiten :D


  1. Great swatches. Love the shadows, so many pretties :)

  2. I was right about robot takeover, it's a stunner! And I loved Griffonrider and Delvian!

  3. Delvian is so pretty! I think I'll use 20+ Beautification & Robot takeover tomorrow :)

  4. Ihanat Lip Lustret, molemmat sävyt! Deceptive Innocence etenkin näyttää mahtavalta :)

  5. Do Fyrinnae still carry mini size lip glosses? *runs to check some* :) I'd like to get a rich/pigmented peachy pink shade. Btw, have you tried their Powder Primer? I'm thinking of ordering a full size, as it really worked wonders for my poor skin (and no need for finishing powder!).

  6. HeavenNRJ:
    They do again :D Minis are great! Unfortunately no Powder Primer for me, contains silica :( I hate my skin "sometimes" :P

  7. ohhh lights of auckland touches my heart a lil. Being from New Zealand and all :) im surprised they know of Auckland lol we're a small country.

    i was lucky enough to be chosen as a winer for thier twitter giveaway yesterday, and if i love the samples and p.e i receive (which no doubt i will) i'm going to be broke!

  8. OMG, the typos. Sorry about that, i should not be commenting 5 mins after waking up!

  9. Catherine:
    Haha :D And I'm sorry to say this, but yes: you're going to be broke :D I'm making an order, AGAIN! You should get Lights of Auckland, it's very pretty :)

  10. Lights of Hong Kong is a pretty color. I'll have to add it to my wishlist. :)

  11. I'm so glad I didn't order Blue Footed Booby. It looks completely different in your swatch. Definitely not a color I would use. Robot Takeover looks much darker than on Fyrinnae's site.

  12. Julissa:
    I bought because of the name ;D But it's pretty!

    I didn't like Blue-footed booby that much... Robot takeover was darker, I was hoping for that, and it's really very pretty!

    I LOVE these :D

    By the way, I'm at school (Thursday & Friday) and working in Helsinki (Saturday), so not much time for blogging this week :/

  13. I love robot takeover! I'm going to have to check out that lip lustre. I'm waiting until they're caught up to make my next order though.

  14. That's lovely! I can't wait to try Fyrinnae, but their queue time has admittedly scared me off for now. I know it's worth it when I see all these lovely swatches you do. <3

  15. Bebo:
    I think I'll order soon. No wonder thay are so poplular int he moment (=great products)! I'm so in love with Lip Lustres!

    painted Moogle:
    It's worth it :D

    Thanks :)

  16. Oh beautiful, beautiful! Cheers for the swatches, very helpful. I just got my first order today and i fear i might place my second by the end of the week D:

  17. Wow, they're all beautiful! It's very hard to pick a favourite, I must admit.

  18. Lillian:
    That is the problem with Fyrinnae! I just ordered and my cart is already full... :D Terrible!

    Too pretty, too pretty... :D


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