Friday, January 15, 2010

Aromaleigh lip colors

I wanted to swatch my Aromaleigh lipsticks on lips but pictures didn't look accurate at all so I took pictures of the lipstick tubes. I hope these help :) I really like the quality and these are quite pigmented. Samples are available (in sample baggies).

Halusin swatchata Aromaleigh huulipunani huulilla mutta kuvat eivät oikein antaneen todellaista kuvaa sävystä... Otin sitten kuvat näistä tuubeista, toivottavasti on hiukan apua :)
Laadusta pidän kovasti, tuoksuvatkin aivan ihanilta. Pigmenttiä on enemmän kuin monissa muissa mineraalipuljujen punissa! Sampeja saa ostaa (ja valita 3 ilmaiseksi/ tilaus), ovat pussukoissa mutta kiva kun saa yleensä testata värin sopivuuden.

Lollypop (don't wear often, I like lighter ones)

Wallflower (don't wear often, I like lighter ones)

Rocks! blankgeneration & headoverheels, sheer and lovely colors! Blankgeneration looks like "I've been eating blueberries but better" ;D

Pinafore (don't wear often, I like lighter ones)


Creampuff (too light for me)

Cakewalk (my favorite)

Blue nail polish I'm wearing is Depend 171.


  1. Hi! Thanks for following!
    You have great swatches! I like the look of headoverheels. Love my pinks =)

  2. I envy your AL lipcolor collection. I love all of them! I only own two or three. The GL ones are my favorites, I'm sure that even if you don't like them as much, the bright colors must look stsunning on you!

  3. The colors are all so pretty but I don't care for the lippies. They don't last long enough for me. The colors are really pretty though!!

  4. Thanks for the pics. Maybe if the lippies are too dark you can lighten it with Creampuff?

    I like headoverheels the best!

  5. Oooo Lollypop looks fantastic!

  6. petitderriere:
    Headoverheels is very pretty (sheer enough too) :D

    Yes, those darker colors look very nice but I always "eat" my lipstick in a minute ;)

    I like the lighter ones, because I usually want to have very natural lips :)

    Yes, I could do that but I'm so lazy when it comes to lipcolors. LOL

    It is :D

  7. Ooh they look lovely, could you possibly post some swatches at some point? :)

  8. Lillian Funny Face:
    You can find some of my older swatches from here:

    and here:

  9. Tein tänään ekan sampletilauksen Aromaleighlle..sieltä olis 20 luomiväriä tulossa. Ilman sun suosittelua en olis ees tienny koko kaupasta :) Kiitän syvästi :D

  10. Plaz^
    Toivottavasti tykkäät :D Aloittelenkin juuri taas pikkuista AL swatchausta, voi mitä herkkuja <3


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