Monday, January 18, 2010

[swatch] Aromaleigh Angels etc

It's always so nice to receive Aromaleigh packages :D This time it took surprisingly long to arrive (ordered 25th of December), but I'm glad it's finally here. Maybe I'm just spoiled, Kristen sends the products so quickly. LOL
On aina niin ihana saada Aromaleighin paketti :D Tällä kertaa aikaa meni oudon kauan, missä lie paketti jumittanut (tilasin 25.12.), mutta mukava että vihdoin saapui. Taitaa Aromaleigh hemmotella asiakkaansa ihan piloille nopeilla toimituksilla ;)

I ordered also full size of HiFi matte in Orbit. I didn't swatch that, I've done that already and you can find my EOTD with it from here. The lippies are both in color "Sweet", I accidentally ordered 2. LOL You can find my Sweet swatch from here.
Tilasin täysikokoisen HiFi matten In Orbitista. En swatchannut sitä mutta linkki meikkikuvaan löytyy yltä. Molemmat huulipinat ovat sävyä "sweet", tilasin vahingossa tuplana. Yllä myös linkki Sweet swatchiin.

Here re some Aromaleigh Angels swatches, I'll order more later :)

-The completed shade "Ethereal Angel" is a plush, softly metallic muted gold/buff with golden and pink highlight iridescence and delicate pink and gold sparkles.
The completed shade "DeEtta" is a plush muted mauve, with deep undertones, violet interference highlight and brilliant green sparkles. It's absolutely beautiful!
The completed shade "Anastasia" is a dark blackened purple, with a subtle violet interference highlight, and brilliant bright sparkls of purple and emerald green.
-"Calypso" is a brilliant teal frost with a golden interference highlight and bright sparks of gold.
-The final version of "Shamrock" is a true, but slightly muted pure green with a golden highlight and brilliant sparkles of purple. It has the plush, velvety texture of the "En Pointe" collection.
-The completed shade "Absinthe Rock" is a brilliant chartreuse with a golden interference highlight and brilliant sparks of gold and bright green.
-The inspiration for the shade "Everlasting" came from this customer's favorite Les Papillons shade, Soul Takes Flight. Based on her input, I created a variation of "Soul Takes Flight" with warm,verdant green tones, and a smokey base, some shimmer of olivine, finishing the shade off with vivid blue sparks.

My favorites are Anastasia, Calypso & Absinthe rock.

Gothic Lolita Shimmers (I plan to use these on browbone)
-Seabright: soft sparkly teal
-Nightbright: seafoam green

Seed Pearl/L'orchidee: A most delicate neutral satin taupe with soft pastel sparkles.
Orinoco/L'orchidee: Soft peach lustre that reveals a satiny borealis iridescence.
Showy/L'orchidee: Lovely cool pink frost with blue iridescent sparkles
Eve/ Bete noire glitter: Eve evokes the shimmering beauty of the flora, fauna, skies and waters... entwined into one never-ending play of light and colorful glimmer

Seed pearl is so pretty and I really love Eve too! Too bad I don't use glitters ofter (maybe I should :D). Eve was foiled with Pixie Epoxy for the swatch, others are applied dry over Lumene primer.
Seed Pearl on niin nätti ja pidän Evestäkin todella paljon! Harmi, etten juuri glittereitä käytä (ehkä pitäisi :D). Even foilasin Pixie Epoxyn kera, muut swatchattu kuivana Lumene primerin päälle.


  1. Seed pearl on tosi kaunis.Onneks se eksy minun tilaukseen pari tuntia sitten ennen ku olin ees nähny swatchia :)

  2. Ethereal Angel, Calypso, Shamrock, and Absinthe Rock are so pretty.

    I have Seed Pearl, Orinoco, and Showy and they are so beautiful.

    I've been meaning to try out the "Brights" but always forget.

    LOL'ing at ordering two Sweet lipsticks. :-D

  3. wow those are BEAUTIFUL colors. i love calypso! it's hard to find a great shade of teal like that :) great swatches.. enjoy!


  4. Heippa!

    Menee häpeäkseni ihan ohi postauksen aiheen, mutta pliis, osaatko auttaa minua ongelmassani?

    Olisin pienestäkin vinkistä/ajauksesta nyt kovin kiitollinen, sillä olo on koko ajan karmeampi... :P


  5. Nice swatches. I might have to try seed pearl. I've used up my Le mystre #12 which was simular and I need a replacement. I love my seabright shimmer, I use it all over!! :)

  6. Lovely swatches! I can't wait to try DeEtta on the lid :)

  7. Wow, amazing colors !!!
    I loved Everlasting and Seed Pearl, really pretty. XOXO from Brazil :)

  8. Aromaleigh packages always make my day. :) I think you will really like Seed Pearl. It's a beautiful, versatile shade. Also, Sweet is a great nude pink.

  9. LT:
    I'm glad sweet is a nice color ;D

    Thanks :) Calypso is so pretty!

    Auts! Kuulostaa allergialta, yritän muistaa vastata tarkemmin illemmalla! Jos tuota samaa vielä testaat, niin kokeile huomaamattomaan paikkaan, ainakin minulla reaktio on yleensä seuraavalla kertaa nopeampi/isompi.

    I'd love use Seabright in my face but that silica... It's love on browbone too :D

    deEtta is your color! I'll order Phaedra soon :D

    Cherries in Syrup:
    I'd love be in Brazil :D It's so damn cold here. LOL

    Ella Runciter:
    Yes, I <3 AL :D

  10. They look amazing, i really love all the teal shades that you poste.

  11. graphology:
    Kristen creates amazing teals <3

  12. Oooh i love etheral angel and absinthe rock! It's so nice that some of the proceeds go to charity too :)


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