Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was quite surprised when I received my order from Coastal scents... After I saw EOTD Blix made earlier, I just had to get Silver hologram glitter! The smallest size was 1oz/28.35 g and I thought that it must be a 30 jar. Too much for me but price was ok, just 3.95 USD. You should have seen my face when I got this:

Olin todella yllättynyt kun sain Coastal Scentsin tilaukseni... Nähtyäni Blixin meikin Silver hologram glitterin kera, oli tämä toki pakko saada! Pienin koko oli 1 oz/28.35 g ja ajattelin tämän varmaan olevan 30 g purkin. Liikaa minule mutta hinta oli varsin sopiva, vain 3.95 USD. Olisitte nähnyt ilmeeni, kun sain tämän:

I took this picture with MAC lipstick, so you see how big this "30g jar" was :D The jar isn't full as you see from second picture.

Otin kuvan kera MACin huulipunan, niin huomatte tuon "30 g" purkin todellisen koon :D Purkki ei ollut ihan täynnä, kuten seuraavasta kuvasta näkyy.

I ordered also Glossi Glaze base, so I can make my own lipcolors. Deep russet mica sample was a free gift.

Ostin myös Glossi Glaze pohjan, josta voi tehdä omia huulikiiltojaan. Inci ja ohjeet kuvassa.

Coastal scents silver hologram glitter is much nicer that TKB's version! TKB glitter is very gritty and didn't adhere well. I applied silver hologram once and TKB 4 times when I swatched these! Silver hologram is of course VERY glittery (looks fabulous by the way) but it was much easier to use than the other. I named TKB glitter "Holla glow" but I'm not sure if it really is that one... Mine was a free gift and without label.

Coastalin silver hologram on niin paljon kivampi kuin TKBn versioni! TKB oli karkeampi eikä tarttunut ihoon näin hyvin. Kuvatessani näitä jouduin laittamaan TKB:tä 4 kertaa ja silver hologramia vain kerran. Kuvassa laitoin nimeksi TKB glitterin Holla Glow mutta en ole varma onko tämä sitä, koska sen pitäisi kai olla hienojakoisempaa... Omassani ei ole tuoteselostetta.

EOTD with Evil Shades:

Thanks for looking :)

-Detrivore primer
-Evil shades Mysteria (lid)
-Evil Shades Madd Hat (crease, lower lashline)
-MAC blacktrack fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

My makeup after 15 hours, I just added some Silver hologram glitter over eyeshadow.


  1. No jo on glitteriä! Tuon kun jakaa pienempiin purkkeihin, niin taas on monta giveaway-palkintoa. :D Ihanalta näyttää (multa ei kyllä saa muunlaisia kommentteja, jos on esillä jotain kimaltavaa). <3

  2. Nekku:
    Hyvä idea :D Ja varmaan myös omaa huulikiiltoani, tuota piisaa hetkeksi. *heh*

    Kulut olivat vajaat 10 USD (kori laskee, joten voi testailla), tuo Glossi Glaze varmaan nosti painavana kuluja.

  3. Dang! Big ol' jar of glitter! And HUGE sample, too! Haha. Awesome!

  4. I love that glitter!! I've been using loose glitter on my nails a lot lately and I think that would be perfect!!

    And you look gorgeous as always!

  5. Julissa:
    Haha, and this was the smallest size :D

    Lisa kate:
    I really have to try glitter on nails! And thanks :D

  6. The jars seem huge but I already have my fav one (ocean blue) getting low. :-O I've used it a lot to create other glitter blends and eyeshadows so it's not gonna last long.
    You have such great eye shape and those colours look awesome!

  7. This is a BEAUTIFUL lid look!

  8. BLIX:
    I need that Ocean blue one too :D

    Thanks! I know you love purple :D

    My daughter is so excited because we are going to make some lipcolors together :D I also added one (terrible) picture, my makeup after 15 hours with added glitter. The glitter is awesome irl!

  9. That holo glitter is just crazy pretty! And I love your EOTD...And I never knew about the Glossy Glaze base, that is something I have to try from CS.

  10. Love the glitter on the eyeshadow! It's so pretty! I want to make my own glosses too, stop tempting me to buy things Nea!

  11. I ordered 1oz. mica from coastal scents as well. I laughed so hard at the size of the product. I had no idea that it would be that big. It's nice, since I use it to fill my brows; it's deep russet actually; I'm gonna be set for life.

    That gloss base is tempting.

  12. Love the eye makeup look and wow @ that jar of glitter!

  13. Lovin' the purple EOTD,Rii! Let us know how the lipgloss base works for ya'!

  14. Erica:
    That glitter really is SO pretty! Glossi glaze feels nice, maybe I have time to add some color to it in a few days :)

    Sorry ;)

    Haha :D Maybe I don't order more of 1 oz jars, no room for these. LOL

    Evil Angel:
    Great pigments ;) Now I have enough glitter for the rest of my life :D

    Thanks! I will show you pictures of the lipglosses we make :)

  15. Ooooh! Very pretty eyes and now i need me that glitter! Also let us know how the lip base mix turns out, i have some from TKB and can't make it into lipsticks, but it makes a good balm.

  16. Lillian Funny Face:
    I'll tell! I think I have to order some lip safe TKB micas now. I just want to be 100% sure because my daughter will get her own glosses too :)

    Thank you :)

  17. wow your eyes are gorgeous! and no wrinkles at all! ur very lucky ! pretty look by the way ♥


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