Saturday, January 2, 2010

My first Konad (& something about next giveaway)

My first konadicure (see last picture) and yes, I know: it's terrible :D I had trouble in placing the stamp to right place. But I promise I'll get better! It was very easy to use Konad, I'm very surprised, really. I bought my Konad stuff from OC Nail Art and can recommend this company :)

First I'll show my new nail polish, Depend 170. It's greyish blue creme and I used just one coat, so it's very opaque. I bought two of these, the other will be part of my next giveaway. I'll show you all the prizes (yes, I've been shopping) when I have 200 readers. Wow, I never even imagined that would be possible. So thank you, my dear readers :´)

Ensimmäinen testailu Konadilla ja kyllä, tiedän: aika kamala :D Mutta toisaalta yllätyin miten helppoa tämä oli! Ongelmana on saada kuvio oikeaan paikkaan. OC Nail Artista nämä ostin, suosittelen firmaa lämpimästi.

Ensin uusi kynsilakkani, Dependin 170. Väri on siniharmaa ja koostumus creme, erittäin peittävä sillä käytin tosiaan kuviin vain yhden kerroksen lakkaa. Ostin myös toisen kappaleen ja se päätyy seuraavaan arvontaan. Näytän kaikki palkinnot (jep, olen shoppaillut ;) kunhan lukijoita on kasassa 200.

I also really like this nail polish remover from Depend! Very gentle but effective.

Pidän kovasti myös Dependin kynsilakanpoistoaineesta, hellä mutta tehokas.

I used: Color Club Worth the Risque, Depend 170 & m16 plate.

And my first konadicure :D I'm already addicted so you will many of these in the future (just better ones, I hope :D).

Ja valmis! Olen jo ihan addiktoitunut eli näitä seuraakin sitten jatkossa ;) Tosin parempia, toivottavasti.

Which Konad plates are your favorites? I think I need more, NOW :D


  1. I really like that polish! I think I need to find something similar.

  2. jackieg02:
    I was very surprised how lovely this color was!

  3. I love the shade!
    And the color club nail polish is amazing too!
    They look great together ;)

  4. Meni se konadointi aluks minultaki päin sitä kuuluisaa,mut muutaman kerran jälkeen rupes tulemaan tosi nättiä jälkeä :)

  5. Ana Rita:
    I love both of these nail polishes <3

    Kiva kuulla :D Toinen käsikin meni jo paremmin, kun vähän hokasi että mihin noin suunnilleen se kynsi pitäisi asettaa :D

  6. This is neat! I want to try Konad, but it's expensive :/ I need some faux nad... I keep seeing all these holo type polishes, I really want some too.

  7. I've been wanting to try Konad for ages! Maybe I should do something about it when I have time and money :)

  8. Heather:
    I'm in love with holo nailpolishes :D

    Yes, you should :D This definitely needs both time & money... You can get -30% off from OC nail art with different codes, like "KONADOMANIA" :)

  9. what a great polish! and I love the subtle effect of the konad images<3 where did you order you color club polish?

    I don't know whether I could choose my favourite plate, there's so many, and I recently got 6 more, hihi, which makes the decision even harder;)

    thanks for mentioning my code:)

  10. KONADomania:
    I bought it from Head2Toe

    They don't sell all the brands to Europe anymore but I think Color Club is ok!

  11. I love that grey and your Konad looks so good!!

  12. Brooke:
    Thank you :) I'm so glad I choose this polish. This is in fact the first time I have only 1 coat of nail polish, this one really didn't need more.

  13. I love the Konad plates with images that cover the whole nail. Their are generally very easy to use, and look beauriful: M69-M74 are the bomb. I also love M27 with the sea life inspired pics. I think you have inspired me to konad today :)

  14. Pixie:
    Thank you so much :) I ordered M69, M70, M72 & M73! I also have M63, it's so pretty, I just have to learn how to use these larger images :D

  15. Ah, Konad. I haven't tried that myself, but I'm really to. Must buy me one of those plates soon! I like how you've done your nails there. Pretty! :)

  16. Witoxicity:
    Thanks :D I need time to practice with these! A few more hours to my day, please :D

  17. this is very nice! going to order the Color Club right now!


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