Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stardust Cosmetics EOTD & new collection coming soon

I just fell in love with Stardust pigmets :D I unfortunately didn't order the best colors for me in my first order... Good excuse to order some more? ;) I also read from Stardust's blog that most of the "unblended" pigments are now discontinued and replaced with Jenna's own creations. Yay! Of course we didn't think she was one of "those repackers", because she was so honest which pigments were unblended, but I'm so happy: her own colors are much prettier! The newest collection "Facettes de la Femme" will be released very soon (January 29th).
edit: At least in my monitor the darkness is not even close in some colors. Sateen looks quite dark but it's really quite light... Maybe that's why I didn't get so nice combos: I tried to get light+darker color, I'm not that interested in "medium" shades.

sateen: Purple toned taupe

Ihania ovat nämä Stardustinkin pigmentit :) Laadussa ei ole moitittavaa, tilan vain ekassa tilauksessani itselleni vääriä sävyjä ja en sen takia heti näihin täysillä ihastunut. Luin myös Stardust Jennan blogista, että suurin osa "unblended" pigmenteistä poistuu nyt ja tilalle tulee Jennan omia sävyjä. Ei kai kukaan Stardustia "uudelleen pakkaajana" pitänytkään, koska suurin osa on aina ollut omia sävyjä ja nuo muokkaamattomat sävyt oli merkitty selvästi. Hyvä kuitenkin näin, Jennan omat sävyt ovat kauniimpia! Uusi kokoelma Facettes de la Femme tulee myyntiin kuun lopussa. Jee!

edittiä: katselin nyt noita pigmenttejä ja tummuus ei näytä alkuunkaan oikealta... Ehkäpä siksi en nyt niin hyviä yhdistelmiä saanutkaan. Esim Sateen näyttää sivuilla tummalta mutta on oikeasti aika vaalea (en tuota voisi kuvitellakaan varjostukseen).

-Purely primer
-Purely Pure Mineral foundation
-Meow SunSplashers (Mau medium+light)
-Aromaleigh Tawny blush

-Detrivore primer
-Stardust Lace (tear duct, browbone)
-Stardust Cash (lid)
-Stardust Glimmer Bark (crease, lower lash line)
-MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
-LashStiletto wp

-Fyrinnae Lip Lustre Deceptive Innocence

Already a Stardust fan? :D
Joko fanitat Stardustia? :D


  1. This is a gorgeous color combination, and a perfect green shade on you! My makeup wishlist just keeps growing.

  2. Your eyes and lips look pretty!

  3. Nina:
    Thank you :D I was a bit worried how these will look together, Cash was cooler than I thought.

    I added a picture of Sateen, unfortunately all of the colors don't seem quite accurate in the photos.

  4. Fanitan :D <3 En malta odottaa sitä uutta kokoelmaa.

  5. This is a gorgeous look and i like the colour on your lips :-)

    It is definitely a good excuse for a new oder, i am excites which colours you buy.

  6. I think this is beautiful on you and you are so damn cute! I demand more full face pictures! :D

  7. Phyrra:
    Thank you :D

    En minäkään, pakko saada lisää ;D

    Thank you :)

    Evil Angel:
    You are so sweeet, thanks :D I try my best to take full face pictures more often. LOL

    Oops, I just ordered "a few" Nfu's...

  8. LOVE Deceptive innocence....I will have to add that to my next order!

  9. Beautiful look and fabulous colours!
    Deceptive innocence looks like it's an almost perfect nude.
    It's so wonderful when companies just honestly admit they're repackaging, it makes me feel so much better about the company when they're willing to tell the truth.

  10. Great combination! And this green looks perfect with your luminous blonde hair. More full face in the future please!

    I've ordered Aromaleigh samples tonight you know, Nea - mostly purple and green (all this because of you) ;) How many time does it take to get a package from AL? (we're both European, I assume time won't be that different!)

  11. Ooh Deceptive Innocent looks like a nice nude, I'll get that on my next order :) I really love your green eotds...

  12. Oh forgot to add, I received the gosh primer and lumene lipgloss yesterday. Wow that was fast :D Thanks again!

  13. You have such gorgeous eyes!

    I nominated you for an award on my blog, check it out :D

  14. Stunnning make up, I love it, you look truly gorgeous!
    I haven't tried this brand yet, but now you've got me curious.. ;)

  15. Thia Winter:
    I ordered full size of Deceptive Innocence, I just LOVE it!

    Lillian Funny Face:
    So true! The new Stardust colors look very nice :D

    It usually takes 10 days. I hope you get those soon. I love AL too :D

    Thank you & you're welcome :) I'm so glad Fyrinnae offers mini sizes again, it's a good way to try different colors!

    2x thanks :D

    Sorry ;)

  16. This makeup goes so well with your eye colour! Lovely! :)


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